Trading Passion for Glory – That Ain’t No Way to Go

What is the purpose of this journey called life? We keep searching and searching for a purpose that seems to make sense, yet the answer was always there before our eyes. The search was over the moment we discovered our passion, our calling in life. It is what we were born to do; a flame that flickers and springs forth to light a fire that requires no kindling to burst into flame. It is the pursuit of that passion that allows us to spread our wings and fly almost effortlessly.

For a time, we do. And then our dream is interrupted as we are awakened by someone else’s idea of reality, one that says we are being foolish and must make a better choice to make more money, to be more important or to achieve something more important that is beyond our dream; it is their idea of glory that we embrace as our own reality. And there goes our dreams.

This happens all too often to ignore. It begins when we accept that another person has a better grasp of what we are capable of achieving, or gives us unsolicited advice just to help us make the ‘right choice.’ It is even more difficult when that person is a parent, partner or someone whose opinion we value. Rule number 101 in life is, “Never share your dreams with anyone who does not support them.” This may limit you to one person or no one at all. But is the best way to ensure that your dream is intact and dramatically increases your chances of achieving it. It’s difficult to be silent when we are excited about a new concept or something we genuinely want to pursue. It is far more difficult to pick up the broken pieces of our dreams after they have been dissected by people who have no perception of the magic that inspired them.

If you have the courage to pursue your passion you will soon discover that work never feels like work; you feel almost guilty being paid so much for something that was so pleasurable. It is then that you recognize that this is your calling; the pursuit of your passion always delivers results beyond your imagination.

Learning to trust yourself, your own ideas and your ability to bring them to fulfillment may be the most difficult part of beginning. You will be forced to become a person you can enjoy living with, even if alone. But you will become the very best you can be if you are willing to fan the little inner sparks of possibility into flaming probabilities that are soon become your achievements.

Giving up on all of our dreams to be a manager, CEO or other aspiring position that makes a statement of your success simply ain’t no way to go. Nurture your passion and claim your own glory!

3 Ways To Create Passive Profits For Yourself Today

There are tons of ways to make money online from the internet, in fact you can find a myriad of courses and books that profess to show you how to make auto-pilot passive profits. The truth is a little more complex than plug-in, collect and sip pina colada on easy street.

However, I am going to share with you a few simple strategies for creating passive profits that you can get going quickly and easily. Now you can be greedy and use all three, but my advice is to use one master it and then move on to the next.

As with every business venture research is key, you have to put in some ground work first to make sure you are on to a winner from the off. First research a hungry market where people are desperate for solutions to problems they have. Then find relevant keywords you know they will use in order to find those solutions.

Once you’ve done this you will be ready for the first passive profits technique.
1. Set up a Squidoo Lens. Squidoo is a blog website that Google absolutely loves and any new pages on the website get indexed almost immediately. Its free to join so all you need do is go there register and build your page.

Now if you’ve done your research properly you should already know what topic your site is going to be about, let’s say you’ve chosen knitting you then right some interesting articles about knitting post to the blog and you’re nearly ready to go right? Wrong, you first need to monetize the site this is how you can earn the passive profits.

You can then set up Amazon ads and other related affiliate products related to your theme of knitting and be paid a commission for anything that is purchased through your site. Of course you will need to do a little promoting of your page but essentially that’s it.

2. Cafe Press. Cafe Press is basically a CPA network where you can tap into all sorts of affiliate products. As a matter of fact you can also access Cafe Press from Squidoo and put offers on your lens. However, what most people don’t realise is, you can start your own product range in Cafe Press free of charge. And they will split any profits you make from sales with you.

Here’s how it works, you design a logo upload it to Cafe Press and then they will present you with a range of products from T-shirts and baseball caps to coffee mugs that will display your logo. You can then choose the price you wish to sell at and Cafe Press will do the rest. Every time you make a sale they will handle the orders deal with shipping, you never have to lift a finger all you have to do is watch the profits roll in passively over time.

3. The Next passive income idea involves Amazon P.O.D (Print On Demand) system. This is basically how you can become a published author without all the usual fuss of securing a publishing deal. Oh and don’t be too concerned about whether you’re a superstar novelist. You can still make passive profits, even though the only time you write is to sign your own name.

What you need to do to secure passive profits using Amazon’s POD is firstly get hold of some private label material it can be in the form of articles, ebooks, CD’s even it doesn’t really matter which format the most important thing is you must have a licence to use the material.

Now we get to the really cool part once you have your content for your book you then need to format it as a proper book with a preference page, copyright notice, content page/chapter page, index page etc. There are website’s online that can do this for you, once you have the book formed go to Amazon to sign up as a publisher you will have to pay a fee for inserting your book once signed up Amazon will provide you with templates to design the cover of your book you can add your name and mug shot if you like too!

Then as with Cafe Press earlier Amazon will host your book on their servers free of charge for life you never have to think about shipping the book or customer complaints all you do is count the passive profits whenever someone buys your book. It works like this the book is never in print until a purchase is made then Amazon simply print off your copy and send to the customer you are never involved.

So there you have three powerful ways you can start to earn passive profits today I told you how to set up a Squidoo Lens, How to use Cafe Press’s product range, and how to get onboard with Amazon POD program to start an instant set and forget passive profits strategy.

A Little Romance Among The Ruins – A Memoir

From the 20th century’s graceful ocean liners to the flashy behemoths of today, what happened to the romance of ships? From Pan American’s ‘Round The World Flight 101 to the flying sardine cans of today, what happened to the romance of flight? When the realism of motion picture film dissolved into soulless digital, whatever happened to the romance of cinema-the great Italian directors, the idyllic Merchant-Ivory productions? As I look back on my generation, the past has a clarity I can no longer see or hear in the present.

Iran-Contra Affair – Contra-indicated

Though my journey to the Honduras/Nicaragua border in 1983 was for humanitarian reasons, it was the best of intentions at the worst of times. Once again I found myself at the epicenter of history. My government was involved in a public relations disaster known as Iran-Contra. Long since forgotten, few paid it much attention back then.

Legislative amendments to our Constitution were specifically aimed at preventing U.S. government assistance to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua who wanted to overthrow the Sandinista government. Although prohibited by these amendments, the U.S. sold arms to Iran to obtain the release of American hostages held in Lebanon. Then we illegally diverted the profits from those sales to the Contra rebels who were fighting to overthrow the communist Cuban-backed Sandinistas. If your eyes glaze over, so did those of most Americans, including our former President.

Notwithstanding instability in the area, my State Department bosses sent me and my two-man camera crew to a remote location in the mountains near the Honduras/Nicaragua border. We were to document the delivery of massive American food aid to women and children, the inevitable casualties of conflict. We checked in to Tegucigalpa’s Intercontinental Hotel at the very time hundreds of photojournalists were there to cover the Contra-Sandinista revolution. Like Saigon in the sixties, the hotel buzzed with booze and press corps, the two usually synonymous. Due to high humidity we spent less time at the bar, and most of the night cleaning lenses and equipment with my hair dryer.

Horseman Of The Apocalypse

I love horses, but I’m afraid of falling so I resist riding. On this trip I had no choice. In a small village outside the capitol, my crew and I met the American who was to be our guide. Bilingual in multiple languages, he said his name was Jake, our covert contact who dropped out of the sky in a parachute (really). Along with several of his gun-toting Honduran compadres, we rode into the mountains on horseback, mules hauling our equipment, to rendezvous at the food distribution point.

One of our Honduran guides had a vindictive streak and maniacal giggle. Each time I tried slowing my horse crossing rivers and streams, señor sicko rode up behind me and slapped the horse to speed him up. I vowed I’d get even, but at the end of our journey he slipped into the mountains before I could vent.

Indiana jones And The Romance of Travel

While the Contra rebels were making life miserable for the Sandinistas, Jake led us through a series of tiny villages, exchanging cigarettes and white rum for safe passage and hot plantains with beans. Under a bright sun and stark blue sky we avoided rebel fighters and reached the refugee site where thousands of women and children were camped. Peace Corps volunteers were already unloading supplies from helicopters. Jake made everything run smoothly, and the children loved him, especially the candy he miraculously conjured. I got good interviews and great footage; moms and kids received clothing and food. Should be end of story, but the entire Copán valley is one enormous archaeology site; many tombs are being discovered even today. I wanted to see the pre-Columbian Mayan Ruins so I asked Jake if he could take me there before nightfall.

Having been in and out of Middle East and African conflicts, Jake was Indiana Jones incarnate. He ditched the horses, commandeered a Land Rover and the race was on to beat sunset. Soon I wished I was back on my horse. When we reached the paved road it was crawling with snakes warming themselves on the hot asphalt. If we accidentally bumped one it could swing onto the undercarriage and get inside. Jake managed to avoid the snakes while I sat white-knuckled with both legs on the dashboard.

Ghosts of Copán – “You Are Not Welcome Here”

By the time we reached Copán the sun was sinking fast, draping the ruins in mossy-green. The groundskeeper had closed the gates. Jake produced a tiny transistor radio and a carton of American cigarettes. Hola! The man’s wizened face lit up and the gates of hell swung open.

An icy chill had settled over that silent dead place-light fading on the pyramids and sacrificial altars. Though we were the only humans around, a palpable presence hovered over the grotesque sculptures and mystifying hieroglyphics. Across millennia disembodied entities seemed to whisper down the wind, “you are not welcome here.” Unnerved yet riveted, we were bewitched by the unearthly power of these Mesoamerican warrior kings until Jake whispered, “time to get the hell out.”

After our spooky encounter with the past, Jake knew where to find a hot meal in a safe place with a clean bed-along with guitars, marimbas and crackling fire. He had dropped into my life 36 hours ago. Come morning, he’d be air-lifted out. When I asked how he knew the area so well, he related months of solitary living off the land in jungle, mountain and desert. He was the clandestine archetype of novels. He didn’t worry about what anyone thought or said, he didn’t wrestle with his soul. “This is not who I am,” he said. “It’s what I do,” and I got it-which was the inevitable attraction. I never knew his real name, but what more could one ask of a little romance? Life is an ephemeral dream, a fleeting odyssey of people, places and things that briefly coalesce then disappear into the vast emptiness of space.

“Let me be the space for that.” —Eckhart Tolle